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Advanced Mobile Application Developer

Course Type : Part Time    Branch : Panadura Branch

Duration : 7 Months

What is AMAD ?

AMAD is 4th level of Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering (GDSE). This program can be categorized as an advanced program because we cover a lot of novel technologies and concepts where the students, are aligned to work with mobile platforms (android), web applications, web services and distributed programming environments altogether. This program is of high value because top companies are recruiting software engineers who have these skills and abilities.

There is no doubt that students will be able to develop an advanced software solution fulfilling all the requirements and client expectations in any range. We are very proud to say that unlike any other institute, IJSE is the only institute where you can be a software engineer with a local and foreign recognition.

Course Structure

Web Services
Improving knowleged in Web Component and Buisness Component
Mobile Apps Development with Android SDK
Integration Concepts with technologies
Desktop Applications Developments
In Java / C# ... any
Web Application Developments with EE platform


Core Android

Basics of Android

What is Android | History and Version | Installing softwares | Setup Eclipse | Hello Android example | Internal Details | Dalvik VM | Software Stack | Android Core Building Blocks | Android Emulator | AndroidManifest.xml | file | Hide Title Bar | Screen Orientation

UI Widgets

Working with Button | Toast | Custom Toast | Button | Toggle Button | Switch Button | Image Button | CheckBox | AlertDialog | Spinner | AutoCompleteTextView | RatingBar | DatePicker | TimePicker | ProgressBar | Quick Contact Budge | Analog Clock and Digital Clock | Working with hardware Button | File Download

Activity, Intent & Fragment

Activity Lifecycle | Activity Example | Implicit Intent | Explicit Intent | Fragment Lifecycle | Fragment Example | Dynamic Fragment

Android Menu

Option Menu | Context Menu | Popup Menu

Layout Manager

Relative Layout | Linear Layout | Table Layout | Grid Layout


Array Adaptor | ArrayList Adaptor | Base Adaptor


GridView | WebView | ScrollView | SearchView | TabHost | DynamicListView | ExpandedListView

Android Service

Basics of Android

Android Service | Android Service API | Android Started Service | Android Bound Service | Android Service Life Cycle | Android Service Example

Data Storage

Shared Preferences | Internal Storage | External Storage


SQLite API | SQLite Spinner | SQLite ListView


XML Parsing SAX | XML Parsing DOM | XML Pull Parser | JSON Parsing

Cotent Provider

Content Proivider Fundamental | Contact Content Provider | Other Builtin | Content Providers | Creating Custom Content Provider | Understanding Content URI | ContentResolver | Sharing Information from custom content provider

Android Notification

Notification API | Creating Notification Builder | Setting Notification Properties | Attaching Actions | Issuing Notification | NotificationCompat.Builder class | Android Notification Examples


Wallpapaer | Live Wallpaper | Multimedia API | Playing Audio | Creating Audio Player | Playing Video | Alarm Manager | Gallery

Speech API

TextToSpeech API | TextToSpeech Example | Managing speed and pitch | Speech To Text

Telephony API

Telephony Manager | Get Call State | Call State BroadcastReceiver | Simple Caller Talker | Making Phone Call | Send SMS | Send Email

Location API

Location API Fundamental | Example of Android Location API | Working with Google Maps


Android Animation API | Android Drawable class | Android Animation Example | Android Rotate Animation | Android Fade Animation | Android Zoom Animation

Device Connectivity

Bluetooth Tutorial | List Paired Devices | Working with WiFi | Working with Camera


Sensor API | Motion Sensor | Position Sensor | Environmental Sensor | Sensor Values | SensorManager class | Sensor Class | SensorEvent class | SensorEventListener interface | Compass Acceslerometer and | Orientation Sensors | Sensor Examples

Android Graphics

Graphics API | 2D Graphics | | class

Android P2P Communication

Introducing Instant Messaging | Using the GTalk Service | Monitoring the Roste for Changes | Sending and Receiving Data | Messages | Transmitting Data Messages | Receiving Data Messages

Android Web Services

What is web service | Soap Vs Restful web service | Android Restful web service | example with java servlet | Storing data into external oracle | database | Verifying data in android with | external oracle database

Android Google Map

Android Map V2 API | Adding Map | Customizing Map | GoogleMap class | Android Google Map Application

Final Project

The ultimate goal of the final project of AMAD is, qualifying students to work as software engineers and developers. More advanced developing concepts and standards are applied to the final project.

Minimum Entry Requirement(s) to follow this program
  • Successfully completion of Software Engineering Level 1,2,3 OR
  • Successfully completion of Software Engineering part time program (Graduate Training Program)

Lectures & Practicals:
From 08.30 AM to 2.00 PM, 5.30 hours per Week

Lectures / Practicals / Assignments and VIVA Test.

Relevant Documents for the registration
  • A Copy of National Identification Card (NIC) or University Admission Card or Employment Identification Card OR
  • A Copy of certificate of software engineering level 1,2,3

When will the new batch commence?
  • There are two batches scheduled to commence every year at Panadura Branch.
Course Director(s):
Mr. Umesh Gunasekara.
Senior Lecturer - IJSE Panadura

Student Comments

I was passionate about learning JAVA, not just doing an overall study but was seeking something which will be unique, where I can specialize in that area mainly. First it seems like an impossible task to find until I go to know about, IJSE. Choosing to study there was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The specialty of IJSE is that it gives marvelous opportunities such as just by completing CMJD and ABSD within just one an half years of time, I’m eligible and qualified to go to this technological wide industry. This is the most vital part, where the state universities or any other private universities don’t open the gate for such an opportunity within a short period of time. CMJD and ABSD gave me a wide knowledge of JAVA and software engineering, it’s theories and how it applies to the industry as a whole. I started with CMJD and by the time I was done with ABSD I could start working in MI-Synergy(Pvt) Ltd, in the field I was studying, as an associate software engineer. I successfully completed the BCS diploma at IJSE which gave me all the knowledge, foundation and the training for my BCS professional graduate diploma, which I’m currently studying at IJSE. My stay there is very rewarding and it is satisfying to see majority of my batch mates being employed as soon as they completed ABSD at IJSE.

Nimesh Perera

MI-Synergy (pvt) Ltd. Associate Software Engineer

"After completing A/Ls, since I was interested in studying software engineering I chose IJSE to follow up my pursuit. It was a very intense course. By the time I had no idea of being a valedictorian of the batch or to be rewarded for the best project. Notably, the education model of IJSE is parallely comprised of theoretical components and skill development as well. One of the major specialties I would like to mention about the course circular is the dedication and the tremendous support of the panel of teachers. In fact they assisted to clarify technical problems anytime.Within the period I acquired a vast knowledge of the subject which is beyond the content of the course. Specifically, the initial root that I had from IJSE pushed me far as to be currently employed as an Assistant Software Engineer in a company in Colombo. All and all, I believe deciding to study in IJSE has made me succeed in the facet of academia with a promising expertise on the professional."

Vihaga Yasith

-- Associate software engineer

The state of being a senior is one that everyone achieves with time. But excellence is gained only by a select few.The Institute of Java and Software Engineering is one of the best out of the oldest Information Technology institutes in Sri Lanka with no less than ten years of history. Though I did not have the chance to enter the University via A/L, IJSE has allowed me to reach the post of Senior Software Engineer and become a successful person. IJSE has been supporting its students since the very first batch to collect the required skill set and enter the top ranking software engineering companies of Sri Lanka and that,I must say,is solid proof of their excellence.

Raveen Yashodha

John Keels(Pvt)Ltd IT Consultant/Senior Software Engineer

After A/L we have to stay one year home till the university intake. If I can make of turning point it must be an excellent process. CMJD is such an excellent turning point. Since any A/L completed look for a course to follow, many institutes capitalize on it to earn money but IJSE is truly challenging those opportunities. I can strongly say that CMJD could create my three friends and me to do miracles in a short period of one year. Always IJSE makes the theories practical to create competent software engineering having individual attention to and the students by a well-supported staff. As a result I could create with my three team members, a High Way Management Project. Even though I was selected to university, before the intake I could become a successful Software Engineer. Today I am working on a Top level Sri Lankan company called Zone24x7 as a Associate Software Engineer. While they offered me a scholarship to follow a degree in Software Engineering in IIT as part time course.In four year time (The time of completion of a govt university degree) I will be a Senior Software Engineer with 4 years working experience. After A/L, it was exactly IJSE’s CMJD made the turning point in my life and I wish to recall it with since of gratitude.

Buddima Nanayakkara

Zone24x7 Software Engineer
Latest Posts
09 Aug 2016

BCS Workshop - 2016

Since 2015 IJSE was affiliate with bcs, The professionals always come all the way from UK to maintain the quality product inside that of the institute. With the huge support from them , there are outrageous results produced from IJSE these years.

Since the year of 2015, IJSE has acted as an affiliate of BCS. Communication between the institute and the British Computer Society has been consistent since then, maintaining the standards required to produce an outcome which has been impressive specially considering the small amount of time that has passed since IJSE....

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26 June 2016

Award Ceremony - 2016

IJSE truly believes in accordance and realization of its vision “being the best facilitator in computer science”, by publicly recognizing students’ achievements and accomplishments is of vital importance. For the acknowledgment of the determination, commitment and academic excellence of students our annual award ceremony was held on 26th of June at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH)Sri Lanka.Mr.S.N. Kannangara, managing director of Software Systems International and Damith Beneragama, head of development M.I. Synergy (Pvt)Ltd were present as the chief guest and guest of honor respectively, while the past alumni of the institute were also among special invitees. Certificates were awarded to students for the successful completion of the courses CMJD and ABSD. A special highlight was an appreciation of the outstanding projects from batches 37,38 where distinguished awards were presented. The award ceremony was also complemented with a showcase of aesthetic talent by the batches of 37,38....

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11 June 2016

Project Presentation And VIVA ABSD

At IJSE, we ‘re in the business of focusing on continuous enhancement of the proficiency of skills of our students, we believe that it is possible only with the right application of theory in accordance with accepted industrialized standards. The project presentation and viva of batch number 21 of Advanced Business Solution Developer(ABSD) took place on the 11th of June, 32 students presented their projects. The oral examination was conducted by industry professionals Mr. Arosha Rodrigo, Mr. Prabhath Weerasinghe software architects from Zone24x7 and M.I. Synergy (Pvt)Ltd respectively. The technologies of Java EE and its standardized applications in the projects were examined thoroughly. The students had the privilege and the opportunity of reflecting on the performances in their final projects with the guidance of these top professionals....

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25 Aug 2015

Introduction Of BCS Degreee Program

IJSE is truly proud to announce its acceptance as an accredited course provider for BCS certifications in Sri Lanka. This joint collaboration was affirmed at a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of IJSE at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH)Sri Lanka on 22nd August 2015.The country manager for BCS Sri Lanka Ms. Niranjala Jayathilake was among the large gathering of lecturers, students and past alumni of IJSE to grace this occasion. This evening was enlivened by a blend of performances from dramas to songs by our very own students at IJSE...

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14 May 2015

Ice Cream Dansala

With the aims inculcating the noble gesture associated with the core teachings of Buddhism, which is “Dana” and in affirming the true spirit of Vesak ceremony, a “Dansala” was organized and held on the 15th May in front of IJSE premises Panadura. Staff and students of IJSE actively participated in this meritorious deed to serve ice cream to all attendees of the event. It was worth the effort, in the midst of great heat and all attendees enjoyed their share ice cream.
This is also evidence to the social welfare and benevolent activities carried out by our institute for the benefit of the common community...

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12 Jan 2015

Kukuleganga Trip - 33 Batch

" All work no play makes jack a dull boy " goes the saying. IJSE holds various co-curricular activities in order to promote team spirit, cohesiveness and unity among the students of a batch, as such characteristics are often sought in a prospective candidate in the IT industry.
The field trip to Kukuleganga resort was on 22nd of February, the morning session was occupied by several encounters of cricket and basketball followed by a relaxing swim in the pool and an elegant lunch from the resort. The evening was filled with music and live performances from students. This is yet another occasion where the students showcased their talent.
All in all, this was a marvelous opportunity for each and everyone to interact, refresh their bonding to one another and time to enjoy. Such an event it was, which brings back memorable to experiences to everyone in the years to come...

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20 April 2014

New Year Celebration

IJSE is truly proud to announce its acceptance as an accredited course provider for BCS certifications in Sri Lanka. This joint collaboration was affirmed at a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of IJSE at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH)Sri Lanka on 22nd August 2015.The country manager for BCS Sri Lanka Ms. Niranjala Jayathilake was among the large gathering of lecturers, students and past alumni of IJSE to grace this occasion. This evening was enlivened by a blend of performances from dramas to songs by our very own students at IJSE...

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