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Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering

Course Type : Full Time    Branch : Panadura / Galle Branch

Duration : 02 Years

Why choose GDSE? …

  • Able to complete an internationally recognized UK degree within two years of time.
  • Qualify to enter even without prior knowledge in IT.
  • Development in both theoretical and practical aspects of the software engineering principals.
  • Fast and easy access to a leading career in Software Engineering.
  • Being trained under a highly qualified and experienced lecture panel.
  • Individual attention for each student.
  • Frequent evaluations conducted to test the skills of the student.
  • Qualified to pursue a master degree in any government university after successful completion.

Key values of GDSE:

The GDSE program can be considered as the main qualification we offer at our institute. It is an amazing opportunity where the students are trained both theoretically and practically regarding the aspects that they may face in a career in software engineering. The ability to complete it within just two years of time is a huge benefit over all other leading IT education programs. Meanwhile, the content taught within this period is more valuable in comparison to a four year degree covering modules that are vital for the students to rise within the IT industry.

The course begins with an orientation program where the students are educated with the basic IT knowledge, this includes the usage of the Office package, an introduction to computer hardware .These basic facts are taught to the students during orientation sessions allowing students to familiarize themselves with the learning environment. Therefore this is a great opportunity for students who wish to enter a career in IT but are demotivated due to the lack of prior knowledge.

The recognition of this program in the industry is not to be questioned, with thousands of our students working in the industry, the quality of the education we provide has been proved over and over again making our students a set of highly sought after individuals. The acquisition of an affiliate position in the British Computer Society which is the Chartered Institute for IT in UK has further improved our position as an IT education provider. The completion of the GDSE program also makes our students eligible for the UK degree offered by the British Computer Society which is important for students who want to make further advancements in their careers by completing their Masters, etc. The success stories our students have written across the years reaching the highest positions of leading software companies is further proof of our competency where the completion of this program has led to the transformation of the lives of so many students who have entered IJSE.

The students are educated under a panel of lecturers who are both highly qualified and experienced having more than five years of experience along with engineering degrees. They are able to guide students academically giving each students individual attention in a manner that no student will be isolated within the classroom. Frequent evaluations including written examinations are held to review the skills and knowledge of the students and giving them exposure to industrial level evaluations.

GDSE is the most valuable degree program in Sri Lanka

Nowadays, lack of skilled human resources in the IT industry is the burning problem given the irony where there are thousands of jobless IT graduates in the job queue. And knowledge based degrees alone are not sufficient to fulfill the requirements sought in the industry nowadays. As a result of the above issue, Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering degree program has been introduced by the IJSE to minimize the gap between students and IT industries in the world. After completing GDSE degree program, all students are able to start their career in IT industry without any hesitation given past success stories of students prove that the IJSE is the best institute in Sri Lanka suited for an individual seeking to start a career as an IT professional with a high salary.


Orientation Program
Subjects / Module Credits
Computer Fundamentals N/A
Computer Hardware N/A
Linux and Windows Operating System N/A
Software Installation N/A
Introduction to Linux and Linux Command N/A
Presentation Skills N/A
Internet Skills N/A
Practical Oriented Evaluation in overall key areas of orientation programs N/A

Objectives of the Orientation Program

In the orientation program, we aim to enhance the basic computer knowledge and skills of the students and especially, setting the prior knowledge and skills of the students who do not have any IT knowledge.

Semester 1

Subjects / Module Credits

Programming Design and Programming Fundamentals

PDPF helps students to uplift the fundamental skills of programming languages and students are trained to improve the logical thinking power, programming designing and analytical skills.


Business Processes and Analyzing

This module is a very interesting module to learn as well as, important for the students who are willing to start a career in the IT field.


Modern UI design & Human Interaction

Critically analyze how to interact with the software solutions/software based applications and design modern UIs with user experience. And also in this module, it is needed to discuss the Unified Modeling Languages (UML) as an object oriented design technique.


Database Management System I

In the field of software development, the DBMS is considered as the most significant part of the software solution. Improving knowledge and skills about databases design and SQL very important for the students who are willing to be a software engineer.


Object Oriented Programming I

OOP concepts are divided into two parts, in the OOP1, covered the basic concepts of object oriented programming languages.


Database Programming

Improving students’ skills to work with java and mysql database, especially, covered the information management system functions through database programming. This module will not be a simple task because, IJSE always maintains the performance and efficiency of software modules.


Information System

Identify the company processes and data of organizations that is related to the information management system software.


Professional Project in IT – Individual Project

Students need to analyze, design and implement a standalone application / software solution for a selected real business. Software System must reach the industrial standards and a well architectural design. MVC and singleton design patterns must be used to design the software solution. Java, MySQL and Jasper Reporting technologies must be used.



In the first semester of GDSE, students cover 26 credits of total credits. After completing the first semester of GDSE program, IJSE guarantee that all students are able to analyze, design and implement a standalone software / desktop application solution for any businesses within a short period of time to the industrial standards. And also, able to gain sound knowledge of system analysis and design through a fully practical oriented training methodologies.

Students do not need worrying on the software development phase at IJSE because, more than 4 instructors / demonstrators are assigned to handle the students’ software development issues and individually monitor the progress of each student by modern lecturing methodologies.

Semester 2

Subjects / Module Credits

Network Programming

Improving the skills of students about socket programming and remote method invocation. This one is also an interesting module for the students because interesting client server applications need to be developed by the student in their assignments. And also, gain thorough knowledge of client server application developments.


Design Patterns

This module is fallen into the most sophisticated module in the first year of GDSE degree program. Students are aligned to develop software with high cohesion and low coupling and also, this can be said as layered software development.


Object Oriented Programming II

Advanced part of the OOP concepts are covered and enhance the student’s skills of problem solving using object oriented designing techniques. Some of the UML part also discuss in this module.


Database Management System II

In this module, it is needed to complete the advanced part of the DBMS. Database routines, database optimization and distributed database are the main areas of this module.


Professional Project in IT (Client Server Application) – Individual

This module is categorized as the most important module in the first year of GDSE degree program. This software solution need to be developed using pure language syntaxes and not to be used any third party technologies such as database software and netbeans or eclips tools. A single or set of files can be used for storing data of the client server application system. And also, software should be designed to the layered architecture achieving high cohesion and low coupling.



To enter into the IT industry, all students are required to successfully complete the 2nd semester of GDSE degree program as it is the heart of the software engineering principals. Enhancing the advanced knowledge of software development and designed patterns are the main aspects of 2nd semester. This module is very unique and designed comprehensively to uplift the knowledge of students to develop high end software solutions to maximize the performance and efficiency that are enabling n layered architectural designs. After completing the 2nd semester of GDSE degree program, all students are able to analyze, design and implement entire software solution using client server and distributed functionalities. Students are covered 26 credits of total credits.

Semester 3

Subject / Module Credits
UI designing and Front End Technologies 4
** Search Engine Optimization 4
Server Side Programing 4
** Automated Testing 4
Professional Project in IT (Web Base Application) – Individual project 10
** - Optional
Agile Software Development 4
Quality Assurance Engineering 4
Test Driven Development (TDD) 4
Estimation 4
User Experience 4


In the 3rd Semester of GDSE degree program, students have two options to choose Quality Assurance Engineering and Software Engineering paths. After completing 3rd semester, all students are able to comprehensively analyze, design and implement a web solutions for any type of business. Most probably students need to fulfill the requirement of e-commerce application and social media network solutions. 30 credits are allocated for the 3rd semester of GDSE degree program and two optional modules are assigned.

Semester 4

Subject / Module Credits
Design Patterns in Server Side Application II 4
Object Relational Mapping (ORM) 4
Frameworks in Server Side Application 4
Web Security 4
REST Base Web Services 4
SOAP Base Web Services 4
Mobile Application Development (Android) 4
Professional Project in IT (Distributed Application)- Individual Project 15
B2B Integration with ESB 4
S2S Communication 4
Clustering and Data Warehouse 4
Advanced Concepts of Development 4
Cloud Base Software Development 4


48 credits has been allocated for the 4th semester of GDSE degree program. Server side application, web services and mobile application development are the main areas covered in 4th semester. The GDSE program has been designed to cover the entire business world. Therefore all students are able to develop A – Z solutions using any modern technology and concept. Finally 130 credits are covered by the student at the end of the degree program.

Minimum Entry Requirement(s) to follow this program
  • Pass aptitude conducted by IJSE
  • Pass G.C.E (O/L) examination
  • Pass G.C.E (A/L) examination with minimum 3 simple passes or aptitude test

Relevant Documents for the registration
  • A Copy of National Identification Card (NIC) or University Admission Card or Employment Identification Card
  • A copy of academic certificates
  • A copy of professional certificates
  • A copy of sport certificates

When will the new batch commence?
  • There are two batches have been scheduled per year in September and January.
Course Director(s):
Dr. Niroth L. Samarawickrama.
Director - Academic Affairs
Mr. Prasad Waduge.
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) - IJSE
Mr. Namal Yasanga.
Director - Department Of Web Technologies - IJSE Associate Architect (MISynergy (Pvt) Ltd)
Mr. Amaradasa Gayan.
(BSc(Eng) Moratuwa,OCPJP,OCWCD)
Senior Lecturer - Galle / Pandura Branch
Mr. Samantha Priyadarshana
(BIT Colombo)
Senior Lecturer - Galle

Mr. Umesh Gunasekara.
Senior Lecturer - IJSE Panadura

Student Comments

I was passionate about learning JAVA, not just doing an overall study but was seeking something which will be unique, where I can specialize in that area mainly. First it seems like an impossible task to find until I go to know about, IJSE. Choosing to study there was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The specialty of IJSE is that it gives marvelous opportunities such as just by completing CMJD and ABSD within just one an half years of time, I’m eligible and qualified to go to this technological wide industry. This is the most vital part, where the state universities or any other private universities don’t open the gate for such an opportunity within a short period of time. CMJD and ABSD gave me a wide knowledge of JAVA and software engineering, it’s theories and how it applies to the industry as a whole. I started with CMJD and by the time I was done with ABSD I could start working in MI-Synergy(Pvt) Ltd, in the field I was studying, as an associate software engineer. I successfully completed the BCS diploma at IJSE which gave me all the knowledge, foundation and the training for my BCS professional graduate diploma, which I’m currently studying at IJSE. My stay there is very rewarding and it is satisfying to see majority of my batch mates being employed as soon as they completed ABSD at IJSE.

Nimesh Perera

MI-Synergy (pvt) Ltd. Associate Software Engineer

After finished my A/L exam.I wanted to do a different thing to success my future.I selected IT as my future pathway.So I thought to follow software engineering course.I selected IJSE as my guider.So now I think it was a best decision to success my future goals.As a result of it, Within one year I work in a leading software company in srilanka.So I think IJSE guided well me for that.This is the best place for improve knowledge and Success.

Akila Sasanka

MI-Synergy (pvt) Ltd. Associate Software Engineer

Since from the childhood I always wanted to have a career that has to do with technology, and where I can be on the computer and work with the latest technologies. However after A/L I didn’t had much sense or an idea on what to do next as to pursue what I like. This is where I got to hear about IJSE and their interdisciplinary in teaching, and the dedication towards students from the faculty members, as to make their dream a reality of becoming software engineer. Taking the decision to join IJSE was a turning point in my life, thus it changed me as well. Besides, I must say that the teaching was magical at IJSE. Through their guidance my ability of problem solving and logical think aspect got me to a position where I can shine at the institute and it gave me more and more confident and made me more passionate about becoming a software engineer. “Hard work pays of”, it was the one thing that kept me going and finally it wasn’t just a caption when my final project was entitled as the best from the batch. Today I have established myself in a good company where I can exercise what I’ve learnt from IJSE, and enhance my knowledge while contributing something good to the industry. It has been quite a journey and I’m grateful what the institution has done for me as to make my dream come true.

Shanilka Jayamanna

MI-SYNERGY Associate software engineer

When I was in grade 5 every one told me to be a doctor. Then I wanted to be a doctor one day just like you. It’s too much old and traditional ambition. When I was in grade 10 my ambition was changed.I felt I can do something with technology. I wanted to be an Engineer. That was my dream. I worked hard for my dream. I had a good result in OL examination. Unfortunately I had to learn one of my terrible subjects for advanced level examination. Its name is chemistry. The result of that is I had to give up my dream. I had complete further education in art subjects. My dream I found the way to step-up. I found my old dream again. It was clear and so close. Some of my friends who were that same dream are studding in universities yet. But mine is not a dream yet. It’s a truth.IJSE is not a better place to learn Software Engineering. It is the best place to become a Software Engineer.

Anushka Madhuranga

MI-Synergy (pvt) Ltd. Associate Software Engineer

"After completing A/Ls, since I was interested in studying software engineering I chose IJSE to follow up my pursuit. It was a very intense course. By the time I had no idea of being a valedictorian of the batch or to be rewarded for the best project. Notably, the education model of IJSE is parallely comprised of theoretical components and skill development as well. One of the major specialties I would like to mention about the course circular is the dedication and the tremendous support of the panel of teachers. In fact they assisted to clarify technical problems anytime.Within the period I acquired a vast knowledge of the subject which is beyond the content of the course. Specifically, the initial root that I had from IJSE pushed me far as to be currently employed as an Assistant Software Engineer in a company in Colombo. All and all, I believe deciding to study in IJSE has made me succeed in the facet of academia with a promising expertise on the professional."

Vihaga Yasith

-- Associate software engineer

The state of being a senior is one that everyone achieves with time. But excellence is gained only by a select few.The Institute of Java and Software Engineering is one of the best out of the oldest Information Technology institutes in Sri Lanka with no less than ten years of history. Though I did not have the chance to enter the University via A/L, IJSE has allowed me to reach the post of Senior Software Engineer and become a successful person. IJSE has been supporting its students since the very first batch to collect the required skill set and enter the top ranking software engineering companies of Sri Lanka and that,I must say,is solid proof of their excellence.

Raveen Yashodha

John Keels(Pvt)Ltd IT Consultant/Senior Software Engineer

My enthusiasm and belief in regarding IJSE as the best institute to carve my future pathway was fulfilled at the very beginning of the course. I, who only had the qualification of A/L complete was able to join Rezgateway, one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka as a Software Engineer after just three courses of study and I have to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to IJSE.

Kamith Asel

Reservation Gateway (Pvt)Ltd Associate Software Engineer Baddemulla National School,Imaduwa

After A/L we have to stay one year home till the university intake. If I can make of turning point it must be an excellent process. CMJD is such an excellent turning point. Since any A/L completed look for a course to follow, many institutes capitalize on it to earn money but IJSE is truly challenging those opportunities. I can strongly say that CMJD could create my three friends and me to do miracles in a short period of one year. Always IJSE makes the theories practical to create competent software engineering having individual attention to and the students by a well-supported staff. As a result I could create with my three team members, a High Way Management Project. Even though I was selected to university, before the intake I could become a successful Software Engineer. Today I am working on a Top level Sri Lankan company called Zone24x7 as a Associate Software Engineer. While they offered me a scholarship to follow a degree in Software Engineering in IIT as part time course.In four year time (The time of completion of a govt university degree) I will be a Senior Software Engineer with 4 years working experience. After A/L, it was exactly IJSE’s CMJD made the turning point in my life and I wish to recall it with since of gratitude.

Buddima Nanayakkara

Zone24x7 Software Engineer

My parents wants me to be a doctor since I was a child so I made it. But I had dream to create and design software. After A/L until were taken in for the university I decided to get my dream come true.It was a challenge to find a good institute for CMJD. It was my mother’s and father’s recommendation that IJSE is the best. I can recommend that IJSE is the best to naturally convince the students the creative way of designing the software. Therefor I can directly recommend that a doctor can be an Engineer by doing CMJD.

Sachin Colambage

Software Engineer Medical Faculty – Karapitiya Richmond College, Galle
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Since the year of 2015, IJSE has acted as an affiliate of BCS. Communication between the institute and the British Computer Society has been consistent since then, maintaining the standards required to produce an outcome which has been impressive specially considering the small amount of time that has passed since IJSE....

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Award Ceremony - 2016

IJSE truly believes in accordance and realization of its vision “being the best facilitator in computer science”, by publicly recognizing students’ achievements and accomplishments is of vital importance. For the acknowledgment of the determination, commitment and academic excellence of students our annual award ceremony was held on 26th of June at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH)Sri Lanka.Mr.S.N. Kannangara, managing director of Software Systems International and Damith Beneragama, head of development M.I. Synergy (Pvt)Ltd were present as the chief guest and guest of honor respectively, while the past alumni of the institute were also among special invitees. Certificates were awarded to students for the successful completion of the courses CMJD and ABSD. A special highlight was an appreciation of the outstanding projects from batches 37,38 where distinguished awards were presented. The award ceremony was also complemented with a showcase of aesthetic talent by the batches of 37,38....

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Project Presentation And VIVA ABSD

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Introduction Of BCS Degreee Program

IJSE is truly proud to announce its acceptance as an accredited course provider for BCS certifications in Sri Lanka. This joint collaboration was affirmed at a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of IJSE at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH)Sri Lanka on 22nd August 2015.The country manager for BCS Sri Lanka Ms. Niranjala Jayathilake was among the large gathering of lecturers, students and past alumni of IJSE to grace this occasion. This evening was enlivened by a blend of performances from dramas to songs by our very own students at IJSE...

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With the aims inculcating the noble gesture associated with the core teachings of Buddhism, which is “Dana” and in affirming the true spirit of Vesak ceremony, a “Dansala” was organized and held on the 15th May in front of IJSE premises Panadura. Staff and students of IJSE actively participated in this meritorious deed to serve ice cream to all attendees of the event. It was worth the effort, in the midst of great heat and all attendees enjoyed their share ice cream.
This is also evidence to the social welfare and benevolent activities carried out by our institute for the benefit of the common community...

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Kukuleganga Trip - 33 Batch

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The field trip to Kukuleganga resort was on 22nd of February, the morning session was occupied by several encounters of cricket and basketball followed by a relaxing swim in the pool and an elegant lunch from the resort. The evening was filled with music and live performances from students. This is yet another occasion where the students showcased their talent.
All in all, this was a marvelous opportunity for each and everyone to interact, refresh their bonding to one another and time to enjoy. Such an event it was, which brings back memorable to experiences to everyone in the years to come...

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New Year Celebration

IJSE is truly proud to announce its acceptance as an accredited course provider for BCS certifications in Sri Lanka. This joint collaboration was affirmed at a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of IJSE at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH)Sri Lanka on 22nd August 2015.The country manager for BCS Sri Lanka Ms. Niranjala Jayathilake was among the large gathering of lecturers, students and past alumni of IJSE to grace this occasion. This evening was enlivened by a blend of performances from dramas to songs by our very own students at IJSE...

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