Graduate Training Program (GTP) - OCPJP+ - Software Engineering (Part Time)

Commencing : Pending    Course Type : Part Time    Branch : Panadura / Galle Branch

Duration : 7 months

What is GTP ?

This program is specially designed for undergraduates, graduate and IT job seekers who need the assistance of increasing their programming and software developing skills to the industry level standards / international software development standards. And also this program covers the Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer (OCPJP) and Oracle Certified Master Java Developer (OCMJD) examination, which are conducted by Oracle Corporation (USA).

We can assure you a 100% guarantee that all students will be able to enhance their programming and software developing skills beyond their expectations.

As an aspirant in the IT industry, why Graduate Training Program(GTP) is the best program of it’s kind?

It is proclaimed that IT industry is a very lucrative fields with the highest paid salaries across the globe .In contrast to other fields, it has a very clear career path and stands high in demand at present and in the seeable future.

Then to fulfill this strong requirement for the graduate students, IJSE has introduced this program to be a professionally qualified software engineer in order to develop IT solutions to the industrial / international standards which is called Graduate Training Programs (GTP). IJSE takes the utmost responsibility to align all students for the world highest job market.

Fast Track

You do not need to spend more time on this, we are professionals for improving your programming and software development skills to match the industry standards without wasting your precious time.

Course Structure

This program covers the latest Java Standard Edition Platform contents and latest software developing methodologies and concepts.

Mastering Programming Skills and Concepts (OO)
In this session we are improving students’ programming and logical skills.
(Focus : Java Language but able to work with C#, C++,Python)
Software Development Concepts and Methodologies
In this session we are going to cover the latest software developing concepts such as UML
There are more software developing practicals to be covered in this session to the industrial standards.
(JDBC |MYSQL |MVC |Singleton | DAO)
In this session you will learn how to develop softwares with distributed functionalities and client server architecture
(Network Programming | RMI | and more design patterns)
After the completion of these these two levels,
all students will be able to develop standalone application and distributed application or university project to suit the industrial standards,
Able to face university exams without any hesitation and
Able to face any interview for the position of software engineer or software developer
The way we deliver our programs to the students.
  • Practical Oriented learning System. (This will be very helpful to those students who are reluctant to logical programming, logical programming designing. And easier to understand the theory / concepts than delivering lectures in front of you)
  • Giving individual attention to every student.
  • Do more work in the class with less homework (We know the target students in this program are very busy with their studies or profession, therefore you need to cover a lot of work in the class)
  • Allocating an additional time only for weak students.
  • Targeting university subjects and exams. (Students will be able to pass particular subjects with a higher grade Ex: Programming / Data Structured and Algorithm,DBMS, UML Design etc... )
  • Providing dedicated practical sessions to increase the software development skills. (Students will be able to develop their software product themselves and no need to worry about your university projects)
  • Covering a reasonable content to get through an interview for the software engineer or software developer.
When will the new batch commence?
  • There are four batches to be commenced per year.

Relevant Documents for the registration
  • Copy of National Identification Card (NIC) and University Admission Card or Employment Identification Card

Lectures & Practicals:
  • Sunday 8.00am to 2.00pm or 2.00pm to 6.30pm at Panadura Branch.
  • Saturday 8.00am to 2.00pm at Galle Branch.
  • A 20% Discount is considered for the early entrants.

Lectures / Practicals / Assignments and VIVA Test.
Course Director(s):
Dr. Niroth L. Samarawickrama.
Director - Academic Affairs
Mr. Prasad Waduge.
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) - IJSE

Student Comments

The state of being a senior is one that everyone achieves with time. But excellence is gained only by a select few.The Institute of Java and Software Engineering is one of the best out of the oldest Information Technology institutes in Sri Lanka with no less than ten years of history. Though I did not have the chance to enter the University via A/L, IJSE has allowed me to reach the post of Senior Software Engineer and become a successful person. IJSE has been supporting its students since the very first batch to collect the required skill set and enter the top ranking software engineering companies of Sri Lanka and that,I must say,is solid proof of their excellence.

Raveen Yashodha

John Keels(Pvt)Ltd
IT Consultant/Senior Software Engineer

After finished my A/L exam.I wanted to do a different thing to success my future.I selected IT as my future pathway.So I thought to follow software engineering course.I selected IJSE as my guider.So now I think it was a best decision to success my future goals.As a result of it, Within one year I work in a leading software company in srilanka.So I think IJSE guided well me for that.This is the best place for improve knowledge and Success.

Akila Sasanka

MI-Synergy (pvt) Ltd. Associate Software Engineer

My enthusiasm and belief in regarding IJSE as the best institute to carve my future pathway was fulfilled at the very beginning of the course. I, who only had the qualification of A/L complete was able to join Rezgateway, one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka as a Software Engineer after just three courses of study and I have to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to IJSE.

Kamith Asel

Reservation Gateway (Pvt)Ltd
Associate Software Engineer
Baddemulla National School,Imaduwa

It is only after we start campus to study IT or CS that we realize the gap between campus education and A/L subjects. Students who have experience in Software Engineering before entering the campus show much cleverness in their part obtaining As and A+,creating a gap between their grades and other students' grades. They are able to complete Software projects following industrial standards and get the chance to work in the leading software companies of Sri Lanka. I too had the chance to follow the CMJD program before entering Uni and it was a big advantage because it was totally based on software engineering and covered many subjects that were to be taught in campus.

Hashini Gunatilake

University of Colombo
Sri Sumangala Girls's School,Panadura
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