Institute of Java and Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Institute in Sri Lanka


Build Professionalism

Sensitive &concentrate attitudes in professionalism will lead one to reach the zenith of the ladder of your noteworthy professionalism.

Job Security

A versatile knowledge of completion of the software engineering path will pave way for you to reach the destination without any hesitation.

Easy To Learn

Other qualifications are needless to learn the IT program of this institute. A student need not get scared to follow this course

Enjoy Together

Cordiality, mentality and loyalty in a group will enhance your human values. And enjoyment will be your pleasure at last.

Brain Maximization

Being keen and interested in the IT field will lead you to derived brain maximization to your heart’s contentment.

Fast Moving

Achieving your goal is not so far, you will be reaching to the destination very fast beyond  barriers.

Winners of the year 2013

The selecting winner process is frequently done by the award ceremony, but sometime there is a possibility of selection by the software competitions which are organized by the institute. For the achievers / winners, special awards and certifications are issued by the academic division of the institute in a ceremonial way.

What Students Say About Us

Iresha Sellahandi (CMJD, ABSD)
Software Engineer Ceylon Linux (Pvt) Ltd.
Nilusha Sadamali (CMJD,ABSD)
Software Engineer Ceylon Linux (Pvt) Ltd.
Dimuthu Roshan (CMJD,ABSD,OCPJP)
Associate Software Engineer MI-Synergy (Pvt) Ltd.
Gayan Udayakantha(CMJD)
Software Engineer Softwatch Infosys (Pvt) Ltd.
Arvin Jayanaka (CMJD, ABSD)
Software Engineer (Mobile Apps) Kraken Media (Pvt) Ltd.
Sameera Shiroman(CMJD,ABSD,OCPJP)
Software Engineer Texonic Information System (Pvt) Ltd.

Recent News Posts

The upcoming Robot Exhibition...

Institute of Java & Software Engineering is scheduled to hold a robot exhibition on 30/31 August in 2014 at the Galle town hall. Nowadays a lot of software embedded machinery is being developed by IJSE students to show the strength of artificial intelligence system and give a ...


Vesak Mal Dansala was held on Vesak day

Vesak Mal Dansala was organized by CMJD students to donate 10000 flowers to Kalutara Bhodidevotees on the Vesak day in 2014. More than 100 students spent their time collecting flowers and making other arrangement. It was very interesting and to say that this religious ...