What is Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering?

Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering also known as GDSE is the best choice for your higher eduction which gives you a rich Academic and Professional experience. Achieve zero to mastery in Software Engineering with both a degree and a career in IT industry.

Who should follow GDSE?

  • After A/L Students
  • University Expecting Students

Why follow GDSE after A/L's?

Master more than 10 major modules in your IT related degree before entering into the university.

After entering the university for your IT related degree, you will have to follow countless new modules that you have never heard of. So, it will be quite hard to understand them at the beginning.


GDSE is a unique fast track training program to boost and enhance the knowledge of the “to be undergraduates” and present undergraduates. CMJD Certificate Level (GDSE 1st Semester) & CMJD Diploma Level (GDSE 2nd Semester) is built from scratch to ensure 100% success inside the campus. There are many benefits such as the ability to develop projects while doing campus projects and studies, ensuring the confidence needed for an internship, in which most of them are not provided by the campus itself. After finishing the AL’s, it takes only 6 months to complete the 1st Semester of GDSE, thus it will not be another add-on to your campus life.

If you haven't decide about your higher education yet.
Higher education is a dream and a crucial period for a student's life, where the most memorable things in life happen. It is the main head start and the core for a professional career after your secondary education. Nowdays, there are some trending degree program like CS, IT, MIS, Big Data, etc. Most of them have around 30 to 40 subjects which consume approximately 4 to 5 years of your valuable time. Therefor it is your responsibility to complete it successfully to achieve a great future.

What will I get after completing GDSE?

You might be wondering why you should choose GDSE over other institutes for a computer course/ diploma. Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering is a fast track training program, which takes only 2years to complete (excluding the top-up degree). From these two years, the first year is full-time study and the second year is full-time industry placement with part-time studying. An industry placement is a guaranteed process at IJSE, as we have a lot of software companies requesting for software engineers, due to the higher standards and recognition at IJSE. When you take the traditional way of higher education, such as degrees, they usually take around 4 to 5 valuable years to complete and leaves you with only limited industry exposure. Comparative to that, GDSE is a more industry-based degree program, which enables students to tackle real-world industry problems without any issue. Because of this matter, after GDSE, students have enough experience and confidence to face any interview without issues.

You can complete UK top-up degree program after GDSE

Also, IJSE offers a degree program especially for students who have completed GDSE, a UK top-up degree program from a reputed university as a part-time study module in the 3rd year. Altogether, GDSE along with the top-up degree program takes 3 years, as an outcome for 3 years you have, a title of a software engineer with a salary ranging from 100,000 to 200,000, 2 years plus experience, and a prestigious degree qualification.

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