What is CMJD?

CMJD was fully designed for UNDERGRADUATE students who are studying in Government and Private Universities to enhance the knowledge and skills of software developments to the industry standards and also giving marvellous software development training enabling modern software design and developing methodologies (architectural designs and using depth of object orientation) to fill the gap between students and current IT job requirements.

Even though plenty of theory subjects have been studied in the universities, students are not able to match their primary qualification to get into the IT industry, therefore IJSE introduced this program for the students to fulfill their expectation. According to the past statistics of IJSE, more than 4500 undergraduate students have been produced to IT Industry Island wide.

Content Deliver Plan

So, do you want to be a Software Engineer?

Well you came to the right place , with our 10 years of experience. We make sure that you will become a successful software engineer in the IT industry

Let's have a small talk about SE. Who is a Software Engineer?

Well the meaning of “engineering” means “An engineer is a person who design & build things cost effective” To build things, the basic thing engineers need are the building materials. And to build a good product he must have an excellent knowledge about the building materials. The knowledge base of a software engineers build enormous building like world trade Centrex in Colombo, Software engineers also build software like massive building inside a computer. As construction engineers use materials like bricks to build buildings, the software engineers use different kind of bricks to build software, some of the materials used by the software engineers are called variable, loops functions, classes and Objects

How can I learn about these building blocks ?

Well don’t worry, the first module in the course cover these basics. The objective is to make you a master of these fundamentals, for that we use our own unique teaching methods which has proven track record in the past 10 years.

Is that all I want to learn to be a Software Engineer ?

Well the answer is no, but you can start to build things, but unfortunately your buildings will not be elegant, beautiful and cost effective.

I don’t understand, if I can build software then what else do I need to learn?

Well we told you that software engineering is an engineering job. To be an engineer/architecture in software engineering you need to master the skill of designs and how to apply them so your building will be beautiful and cost effective. For an example if you are designing a living area of a house, you need to build walls. You can build the living area using four straight walls or you can build the living area using three straight walls and a one curved wall. Applying curved style wall is a design pattern which enhances the living area experience of the owner.

Do you teach these designs?

Yes of course, this is one of key factors which make our students true software engineers in IT industry. We have developed our own unique ways to teach these design patterns so that the students will build the skills to apply these design patterns elegantly. Some of the design patterns we teach are called MVC, Singleton, DAO, Facade, Factory, Builder, Observer, Spring and many more.

In real world you need to have both the theory and practical, experience. It’s like driving a car; how much you know about driving a car would not be valid until you drive on the road.The same is true for the software engineering. You need to have practical experience building/engineering a software. The course has three compulsory projects which include database programming and network programming with RMI Technology and finally you need good proof to show to others. You may ask why ? If you are building a house would you prefer a certified architect /engineer or person without a certification? same as like that you will need good certification to get a good job. With our training programme you will be able to obtain the oracle certification with flying colors. The certifications you will be obtaining engineers in information technology.

Well, we know that you still might have a few questions to figure it out. Please check the FAQ section where we answer general questions among students. If that doesn't solve your question, please don't hesitate to call us via our hotline.

So you are interested ah?
Let's hop into the course outline

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