"There are more than 400 IT companies in Sri Lanka and there are more than 1000available job vacancies at any given time. But you still cannot grab an opportunity?"

Although I have been graduated, I’m still unable to find an opportunity in the IT industry. Why?

Let us show you why? Because of the Sri Lankan education system and the attitudes of parents, children are pushed to follow the almost pre-defined path to obtain a degree qualification. Hence, all the higher educational institutes including private and state universities are ready to offer a degree qualification for you after completing about 40 academic subjects. But, it is pretty obvious that there is a huge gap in skills and knowledge of a student who has been just graduated in the IT field and the factual IT industry out there. Therefore, 90% of the degree holders are reluctant to enter into the IT industry or rejected by the IT industry even they have been recognized by their degree qualifications.

Why do I have this gap?

Well, we glad you asked it. Almost all the higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka, focus on providing knowledge-based education system because of the university standards that they have to maintain. You can't blame for that. But the expectations of the IT industries are very high and more complicated due to the advancement of human needs and wants.

For instance, think about the mobile phone that we used to use a decade ago. They were big, ugly and used only for the purpose of communication. But look, what it has become today. Mobile phones are so advanced that they are slim, smart, and we can do almost anything at our fingertips. So if we look around the environment that we live closely, we can understand that technologies have evolved so much to accustomed to human needs and wants. Hence the IT industry out there expects a lot out from you, but your technical knowledge and skills still haven't leveled up with it.

So, how does the DEP help me to get a good place in the IT Industry?

Okay, now we are talking. Let us show you how. IJSE has more than 13 years of experience in training and producing IT professionals in Sri Lanka. So you don't need to doubt about us at all. After carefully analyzing, industrial gaps of thousands of individual IT degree holders we introduced Direct Entry Program AKA DEP to align them to enter into the top 10 IT companies with a good salary. The DEP has been designed to build up the professional body of a software engineer (and also applicable for business analysts, quality assurance engineers, and other few professions) by using four dedicated training sessions. It is important to remember that the DEP can be obtained through only IJSE.

Can I complete this DEP within a short period?

Well we can understand what you are thinking. Let's clear this for you. We only enroll candidates who have some prior knowledge in IT. (Now if you don't have a SE/CS/IT degree, don't worry. Let’s assume that you have a degree in physical science or bio science but have done some major IT subjects within your degree, then you are still eligible for the DEP) Because of our specialty, uniqueness, and training methods you are not only able to complete this within a short period of time like 4 months, but also eligible for obtaining your place in the IT industry. Well, we know you still have a lot of questions to ask, please don't hesitate to call our hotline for more information.It is time to put a stop to your unemployment story. Let us help you to start a fresh story.

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